Talk to any funeral director and you will hear about how much they love their career, but finding that first job in the funeral industry can be challenging. In many cases, just passing the National Board Exam isn’t enough. You often need a combination of skills, industry-specific knowledge, and professional connections to find your first role.

That being said, each year, over 90% of Worsham students find employment immediately after graduating from our mortuary science program. With unsurpassed opportunities to learn from religious leaders and funeral experts, the most embalming lab hours of any program in the nation, and career support throughout your career, our graduates are some of the most well-prepared in the industry. A degree from Worsham College enables you to begin your career with confidence.

Embalming, Arranging, and Licensure Preparation

A career in the funeral service demands a wide range of skills. From arranging a funeral to communicating effectively with families from diverse backgrounds, funeral service is a demanding career path, and many programs don’t prepare their students for the rigors of this profession.

With over 20 weeks of embalming lab work held at the Medical Examiner’s Office, Worsham students have access to modern facilities and the most advanced techniques in the industry. It is our goal that you feel confident in the embalmers lab from day one on the job.

Students also participate in the National Funeral Directors Arranger training. The cost of the training is included in tuition. This training prepares you to arrange funerals while remaining sensitive to the needs of your clients. Working with clients to prepare a funeral requires a deft hand and gentle touch. This training helps new funeral directors anticipate the needs of grieving families and better prepare an appropriate ceremony.

To foster a spirit of professionalism and entrepreneurism in all of our graduates, Live Oak Bank, a local institution, visits campus to offer a workshop each year on cash flow analysis designed to help you start your own funeral home. We also have a visit from Lord and Taylor to show you how to dress for success, including coupons to use when purchasing your professional wardrobe.

Perhaps most important of all, the National Board Exam is the licensure exam required to be a funeral director in the United States. At Worsham, the cost of the exam is included in your tuition. On top of this, we provide a prep course for the exam as part of our curriculum.

Insider Industry Knowledge from World Religions and Military Officials

What makes a Worsham graduate stand out? Their in-depth understanding of the complex nuances within the funeral industry. Knowledge such as this can take years of experience to develop—but at Worsham, you’ll have insight into these industry secrets before you even begin your job search.

Throughout our year-long degree program, we have a series of guest speakers come to campus and give presentations or workshops. These speakers include religious leaders, lifelong funeral directors, and embalmers.

Our curriculum also offers exposure to funeral ceremonies from many of the major world religions, including services from the Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish faiths. You will also have the opportunity to witness a funeral with full military honors.

These guest speakers and diverse opportunities provide our students with a detailed picture of the role that funeral service plays across cultures, giving you the confidence to embark on your career and face any challenge.

Job Search Support

In the funeral industry, getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. At Worsham, we help with our exclusive jobs board, alumni network, and career resources.

Each year we offer a job fair that brings together funeral directors and managers of funeral homes from around Chicago and surrounding states. This is a unique opportunity to meet with hiring funeral directors and alumni who know and trust that graduates of Worsham are qualified to work in the industry.

We also have our Worsham College Jobs Board, a place where alumni, faculty, funeral directors, and others in the industry with connections to Worsham can post job and apprenticeship opportunities specially for our students.

Exceptional Career Support in the Funeral Services

A degree from Worsham includes a wealth of career building opportunities not found at any other institution in the nation. New classes enroll every March and September. Start your application today.

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