Crematory Operator Certification from CANA

Entering the funeral service requires a diverse set of skills. These careers demand flexibility and dedication. As you embark on your first apprenticeship and begin your journey towards becoming a funeral director, you may find yourself trying on many different aspects of this industry. A Crematory Operator Certification will show future employers that you are committed to the field of funeral service.

At Worsham, our graduates become the leaders of the industry. Our education creates highly skilled professionals capable of adapting to whatever unique career path they find. To this end, instructors from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) conduct their highly regarded Crematory Operator training and certification for all of our associate degree students.

The Strength of a Crematory Operator Certification

The popularity of cremation in our society grows greater each year. As this method becomes more common, the demand for qualified cremation technicians increases. Our graduates answer this demand, leaving school with the knowledge and qualifications required for cremation, increasing their entry-level employment opportunities.

The CANA certification is the premier certification in the United States, widely recognized from coast-to-coast. CANA became the first to offer such a certification over 30 years ago. Since that time, they have constantly adapted and modified the training to match the modern landscape. Today, your certification from CANA will be recognized in all 50 states.

Earning this certification proves to future employers your dedication to this industry. It adds to your resume and makes you a highly sought after candidate. A cremation certification also shows grieving families that you understand and respect their loved ones and that you are a trusted guide in their time of grief.

On-Campus CANA Training

Worsham brings CANA-certified trainers onto campus to offer their extensive training program and prepare you for the certification exam. The course consists of 6 hours of classroom instruction, two additional hours of online coursework, and a final exam taken online.

The material of this training covers the technical, scientific, and legal components of the cremation process. During the course you will review the different types of equipment and their operation, get a holistic picture of the process from beginning to end, learn about the chain of custody and responsibility throughout the cremation process, discuss legal risk, and learn about the environmental challenges involved in cremation.

The final certification exam is held online at the end of the course. Once certified, the certificate is valid for five years.

By the end of this training, students will have the foundational knowledge required to take apprenticeships in a crematory center and learn from a professional. With this baseline knowledge, our graduates prove their commitment to the craft and show future employers their dedication to funeral service.

A Worsham Education Offers More

The CANA Crematory Operator Certification is a nearly six hundred dollar value that is included in the cost of your tuition at Worsham. Earning this certification sets you apart from the pack of funeral service graduates, making your resume more competitive on the job market. If you’re ready to earn the most comprehensive funeral service degree in the industry, start your Worsham application today.

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