Why Choose Worsham?

Earn your mortuary science degree at one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation.

With so many mortuary schools in the country, it can be difficult to understand which institutions offer the highest quality and best value education. At Worsham, we strive to be the mortuary school that takes funeral service education to new heights. We do more than just prepare you for the National Board of Exam—we offer hands-on training that allows you to enter the workforce with top-notch experience.

At Worsham, we don’t just teach to the test, we prepare you for your life’s work. You’ll learn how it really feels to work as a professional funeral director. You’ll discover the true day-to-day experience of the funeral industry, and you’ll graduate with a resume that will earn you the respect of your future employer.

One Year at One Price

The cost of your education is important and so is the value of that education. At Worsham, our affordable tuition covers more than most institutions, including over 20 hours of embalming practice and crematory operations certification. By graduation, you earn more than just an accredited degree—you gain the experience that will launch your career.

We believe in clarity when it comes to the cost of tuition and the realities of financial aid. Learn more about the cost of our program, discover all that is included, and explore your financial aid and scholarship options in one easy place.

Professional Certifications and Trainings

Careers in the funeral service industry are challenging. Finding success requires more than just a mortuary science degree. To get your resume to the top of the pile, you need an assortment of proven skills and industry knowledge that can’t be gained at most mortuary schools.

At Worsham, we strive to empower our students with all the hard skills and industry insight required to find success in funeral service. During your one year with us, you will earn:

– Crematory Operations Certification from CANA
– Funeral Director Arranger Training from the National Funeral Directors Association
– Licensure from the National Board of Exam

The cost of all these certifications and trainings is included in the cost of your overall tuition. Our goal is not simply to give you a degree—our goal is to prepare you for everything that funeral service encompasses.

Unparalleled Career Preparation

Funeral service is a delicate practice. Some days, you’ll need to work in the embalming lab for hours on end. At other times, you’ll work with grieving families, serving as a pillar of support for them in their hardest time. A Worsham education prepares you for the rigors of this career path unlike any other institution.

During your year-long program, you will experience a U.S. Military Funeral with full honors, hear guest speakers from some of the top funeral directors in the nation, and learn from religious leaders of multiple faiths including Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.

These guest speaking programs offer unique insight into the challenges and rewards that come from a career serving grieving families and communities as a whole.

The Most Technical Training in the Country

Perhaps one of the most important technical skills in the funeral service industry is embalming. Still, so many mortuary science programs overlook this hard skill, dedicating only ten cases or fewer to lab work.

At Worsham, we understand what will be required of young professionals first entering the field of funeral service. Embalming lab work at Worsham is completed at the Medical Examiner’s Office in downtown Chicago. Students have a mandatory 20 cases of embalming lab work in the curriculum, double what most other mortuary schools offer.

On your first day on the job, you won’t just know the theory of funeral service, you’ll have the practical skills and real-world experience to back it up.

Earn a Degree with Unsurpassed Heritage

Since 1911, Worsham has been training the best funeral directors and embalmers in the industry. Our graduates understand the ins and outs of the industry, from technical embalming skills to the more subtle art of caring for grieving families.

Earn the degree that will truly prepare you for your calling. Pursue your degree at Worsham College of Mortuary Science. Start your application today.

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