At Worsham College, we are a community of dedicated funeral service professionals, educators, and students. Our Alumni Office cultivates this community through outreach, career resources, and events.

Worsham alumni represent the top of the field of funeral service. Our state-of-the-art education produces dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who represent the future of this field. As morticians and funeral directors, our alumni are changing the face of funeral service across the nation.

The Alumni Office works to ensure our alumni stay connected to Worsham and to each other. If you are a Worsham alum, we invite you to fill out your alumni profile to receive newsletters, event invitations, and better network with fellow alumni. The resources on this page are designed to help you stay in touch with your classmates, find job opportunities around the nation, and offer employment resources to recent graduates.

A Network of Funeral Service Professionals Spanning All 50 States

Since 1911, Worsham College has been one of the leading institutions for the study of Mortuary Science and Funeral Services. From the beginning, we have focused our energy on forming a lasting community between our alumni.

Today, we have alumni in all 50 states. Starting from our campus near Chicago, our alumni form a network of funeral directors and mortuary technicians across the nation. We are proud to have such an impact on the field of mortuary science through the work of our graduates.

One of the greatest strengths of Worsham is the dedication our alumni show to our school. Thanks to donations from our generous graduates, we are able to maintain our state-of-the-art mortuary facilities and continue to improve our funeral service education. Alumni donations also enable us to set up scholarships for current students to support the next generation of funeral service professionals. Without the support of our alumni network, none of this would be possible.

Career Resources for Alumni

At Worsham, we work to ensure our alumni are able to find employment within the field of funeral service anywhere in the country. Our 93% job placement rate for graduates is evidence of our dedication to alumni employment. From providing networking opportunities to setting up job boards, we strive to ensure every graduate has access to the resources they need to start their careers.

Our jobs board is available to all Worsham alumni, from recent graduates to established professionals. The job board is designed to help alumni find employment in funeral homes and other related positions around the United States and is an excellent place to begin your search for employment.

For alumni interested in working outside the state of Illinois, we will work with you to ensure you have the qualifications and credentials needed to work in your chosen region.

Alumni can also utilize the career resources page to find employees. It is simple to post job openings on our board. When you hire through the Worsham alumni network, you can trust you’ll gain a new employee with the passion, knowledge, and technical skills that your funeral home needs.

We also encourage alumni to update their alumni profiles. By creating and maintaining your alumni profile, you’ll have access to all our newsletters and receive notifications about upcoming events. You’ll also be able to keep in touch with past classmates. If you’ve recently been married, changed jobs, or started your own funeral home, let us know by updating your profile today.

You can also like the Worsham College Facebook page where you can find updates about alumni and learn about upcoming events.

Keep In Touch With the Worsham Mortuary Science Community

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a long established funeral director, we hope that all our alumni will keep in touch and remain a part of our community. If you would like to support the work of Worsham College or contribute to our scholarship fund, please consider making a donation today.

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