Second Semester

Online Program

15 Semester Credits

Second Semester

ENG 102 - English Composition II (Prerequisite ENG 101) 


Building on the learning outcomes associated with English Composition I, this course focuses on analysis and argument while devoting attention to academic research and writing, critical thinking across the curriculum, citation, and documentation. Students will use a variety of readings to develop several modes of writing including evaluation, literary analysis, classification, media analysis, illustration, and research-based writing. 3 credits

CHEM 109 - Chemistry 


Survey of inorganic and physical chemistry and an introduction to organic chemistry. Topics addressed in course learning activities include atomic structure, covalent and ionic bonding, chemical reactions, chemical calculations, acid, base and solution chemistry and chemistry of hydrocarbons. Students will develop quantitative reasoning skills and apply these skills where appropriate to enhance the understanding of these concepts. Emphasis is also on the chemical principles and precautions involved in the preservation and disinfection of the dead human body as it relates to embalming. 3 credits

FSE 210 - Funeral Directing 


Explore funeral service as a human services profession in this course. Competencies directly relate to the art and science of the non-technical aspects of funeral service: notification of death, transfer of remains, the arrangement conference, prefunded/preplanned funerals, shipment of remains, cremation, aftercare and the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule. Students will be able to articulate the various religious and fraternal customs associated with the funeral. 3 credits

MATH 104 - Finite Math 


This is an introductory level course covering mathematical ideas needed by students of business management, social science, or biology. The topics include sets and counting, functions, introduction to probability and statistics, interest and annuities, matrix theory, linear systems, and linear programming 3 credits

FSE 200 - Embalming I 


Study of the basic fundamentals of the embalming process including the purpose of embalming, history of embalming, modes of death, signs of death, tests for death, post-mortem physical and chemical changes in the dying process and moral and ethical considerations in preparation of human remains. 2 credits

FSE 115 - Historical to Contemporary Funeral Practices 


Customs, beliefs, and the people who influenced funeral service from ancient to modern times are presented. This course also includes the sociology of Funeral Service and studies those social phenomena that affect all elements of funeral service. This includes family structures, social structures, and the factors of change that relate to funeral service. 1 credit