Third Semester

Online Program

15 Semester Credits

Third Semester

FSE 250 - Embalming II (Prerequisite FSE 200) 


Provides intensive study beyond the basic skills involved in the embalming process. Students will demonstrate case analysis, formulating chemical solutions, a complete analysis of the circulatory system, an explanation of the equipment used in the embalming process, and methods of injection and drainage. Students will examine procedures and treatments for handling and embalming difficulties encountered due to disease and pathological changes, autopsied and procurement cases, organ and tissue donation cases. 2 credits

FSE 205 - Restorative Art I (Prerequisite BIO 107) 


Course builds upon knowledge of the anatomical structures of the cranial and facial areas of the human skull gained through BIO 107, Anatomy. Students will demonstrate knowledge of facial proportions, modeling, expressions, and materials and techniques necessary to rebuild the human face 2 credits

FSE 150 - Marketing & Merchandising for Funeral Service 


Introduction to funeral service merchandising, definitional terms and pricing techniques. The student will learn the fundamentals of merchandising, product mix and pricing of funeral service merchandise (i.e., caskets, burial vaults, urns, etc.). 3 credits

PSY 210 - Psychology of Death & Dying (Prerequisite PSY 102) 


Describe and identify aspects of the process of loss and death. The focus of learning includes attitudes toward death, both historical and current, incorporated into theory and practice, as well as integrated into the human experience. Learners will explore multicultural beliefs and rituals surrounding dying, death, and bereavement 3 credits

LAW 220 - Funeral Service Law & Ethics (Prerequisite LAW 120) 


Focus on the law relating to the disposition of the deceased, rights and duties of the funeral director, and a study of wills and inheritance, regulatory compliance, pre-need and probate law. Funeral service torts, discussion problems on best practices, and ethical responsibilities and considerations of funeral practitioners will be covered. 2 credits

BUS 208 - Business Communication (Prerequisites ENG 101 & ENG 102) 


This course includes a variety of technical and business writing theories and practices designed to be applicable to the production of business communication in the funeral service industry. Students will be able to demonstrate fundamentals of good business writing, including protocols for business letters, memoranda, electronic mail, resumes, persuasive messages and formal reports and proposals. In addition, students will also gain experience in oral presentation and in-depth practice on both an individual and a collaborative basis. Students will be able to enhance their business communication using contemporary technology tools and strategies. 3 credits