A record is made of each student’s attendance during the year. The instructors take roll at the beginning of every scheduled session. Each student is permitted 80 hours of unexcused absences per year. A student will not be permitted to graduate if (s)he exceeds 80 hours. A student will need permission from the Program Director to continue in a subsequent quarter after exceeding 20 hours of unexcused absences in one quarter. Permission to attend in a subsequent quarter will be allowed if the student satisfies the Program Director that it is reasonable to believe the student will complete the entire course with less than 80 hours of total unexcused absences.

Due to curriculum constraints, the College does not observe most federal and bank holidays. Furthermore, unexcused absences before or after an official holiday or designated break will be recorded as double the number of hours missed.

Classes are fifty minutes in length with a ten-minute break between classes. Students are to remain seated during the entire period, as leaving and returning during the class hour is disruptive to both the instructor and other students. Additionally, the College requests that students refrain from reading newspapers, novels, or any other outside material, with the exception of notebooks and textbooks that pertain to that particular subject material.

The Worsham College Curriculum consists of a total of 1200 hours, divided into four quarters of 300 hour each quarter. Students must attend at minimum of 67% of those hours, or 201 hours, to be considered making satisfactory progress. Students absent for two consecutive weeks without contact the College will be considered withdrawn from the Program.

The administration will notify the students in the classroom or laboratory if the instructor is delayed or unable to teach the class. Any alteration will be explained, or a substitute will be arranged. It is the responsibility of the student to discuss any problems regarding attendance with the instructor of the class in question.

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Updated July 2019

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