Associate of Science students must fulfill the clinical requirements of the program, which are outlined in the Worsham College Practicum Manual. These clinical requirements include:

  1. Five (5) Arrangement Conferences. (Practicum I)
  2. Fifteen (15) embalming cases (Practicum II)

During Practicum I, students must observe or assist in the arrangement conference or participate in simulated arrangement conferences. In the course of those arrangement conferences, the student must prepare each of the following forms at least once:

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Burial Transit Permit
  3. SSA-721
  4. death notice
  5. obituary
  6. FTC-compliant Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected
  7. flag application, veterans burial benefit form and marker application

The student will also observe Five (5) Funeral Services or funeral-related services or ceremonies. Students must observe or assist in the service. This requirement may not be met through simulation. Three of the services must be from the following list:

  1. Liturgical
  2. Non-Liturgical
  3. Secular
  4. Chapel
  5. Graveside
  6. Military
  7. Fraternal
  8. Memorial (without deceased present)
  9. Direct Cremation
  10. Other (must describe)

Through observing or assisting in actual cases or through active simulation, students must utilize the following forms:

  1. First call sheet
  2. Arrangement worksheet
  3. FTC-compliant General Price List
  4. FTC-compliant Casket Price List
  5. FTC-compliant Outer Burial Container Price List
  6. Embalming Authorization form
  7. Cremation Authorization form

Students will also have to participate in five (5) first calls. Students may actively participate in the process of taking actual first calls or may do so through simulation.

During Practicum II, in addition to completing and documenting the required embalming cases, the student must participate in one (1) transfer of the deceased. Students must actively participate in transferring the deceased from the place of death or demonstrate the transfer process.

Both Practicum courses must be completed at an approved and affiliated funeral home.  No credit will be received by a student completing work prior to the site visit by the Worsham College faculty.

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Updated July 2019

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