The Worsham College Program consists of four quarterly periods; each quarter is comprised of 11 weeks. The administration will schedule written quarterly examinations during the last week of the quarter. The time and date of each examination will appear on the College Calendar. The material to be covered on the examinations will be announced by the instructor. Short quizzes and mid-terms are conducted by some instructors during the quarterly period. Instructors reserve the right to administer quizzes, either announced or unannounced, at any time during the quarter.

Every student must take all scheduled examinations, regardless of exemption. The academic progress of the student is evaluated by the instructor of each course. When quarterly examinations are scheduled, all cell phones, pagers, purses, jackets, backpacks, books, notes, and other written material must be left outside the examination room. Once a student completes the examination and leaves the room, the proctor will not permit re-entry for any reason. Further, students will not be permitted to begin an examination once a student has completed that quarterly examination and left the examination room. After leaving, the student must not linger in adjacent hallways or disturb others who have not completed the examination.

A written examination is conducted at the conclusion of the three quarters, with a final comprehensive examination at the completion of the fourth quarter. Students need a cumulative GPA of 2.0. Progress will be evaluated each quarter. Students who meet the 67% attendance standard and the 2.0 GPA academic standard will be considered to be making satisfactory progress until the next quarterly evaluation. If it is determined that a student failed to meet either of the two progress standards, the student may be placed on probation until the next quarter. During periods of probation, a student is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress. The student will then be advised regarding his or her progress, and what will be required of the student to bring him or herself out of probationary status. A student will be eligible for a maximum of two consecutive probationary periods during which he or she must improve attendance, or academics or both in order to meet the college’s minimum standards.

After the second consecutive probation, a student will not be eligible for additional consecutive probation periods. Further, if at the end of the second consecutive probationary period the student has still failed to meet either or both of the progress standards, the student will be considered not making satisfactory progress. Students considered not making satisfactory progress will lose eligibility for federal financial assistance and will have one of two options; 1. Repeat the program beginning with the first quarter. 2. Dismissal from the program.  Should the student decide the first option, he or she is only able to repeat the first and second quarters, two times in a two-year period.  The College does not charge the student to repeat the courses. If the student selects to appeal the decision of the Program Director regarding their Satisfactory Academic Progress, the student should submit a written appeal to the Board of Directors of the College. The Board in turn shall review the appeal within a week from receipt of the written appeal.

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Updated July 2019

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