Finances and Financial Aid

Students can monitor their financial aid tasks and awards through the Worsham Student Portal website.  In this space, students can check your requirements, accept your awards, review your overall aid status and view messages.  Students can also speak with the financial aid department Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00.

Payment for Tuition, Fees, and Charges

Tuition and fee information for On-Campus Program

Tuition and fee information for Online Associate Degree Program

Students may also utilize the Tuition Calculator). Payments may be made online within the Student Portal by check or credit card. Information about making payments may be found in orientation and also on the website.

Refunds and Withdrawals

If for any reason it becomes necessary for a student to voluntarily withdraw from Worsham College, a letter must be submitted to the Program Director indicating this intent. The effective date of the withdrawal becomes the letter’s date of receipt. If a student chooses not to inform the College of his or her withdrawal, (s)he forfeits eligibility for a refund of tuition according to the refund schedule below. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal.

If a student voluntarily withdraws no later than: Refundable Percentage:
1 week after beginning of quarter period 80%
2 weeks after beginning of quarter 60%
3 weeks after beginning of quarter 50%
4 weeks after beginning of quarter 40%
5 weeks after beginning of quarter 30%
More than 5 weeks NONE


If a student is terminated and dismissed from the program as a result of disciplinary actions that were taken by the administration of the College, the student will forfeit in their entirety all fees paid for that quarter/semester, and additionally, the student will remain responsible to pay to the College any fees owed that were not yet paid.

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

Federal student financial aid is suspended when a student is considered to not be making satisfactory progress. Aid will be reinstated when the student improves his or her attendance or academics to a level such that minimum standards have been met. If the student begins a quarter or payment period not making satisfactory progress, but reverses the designation before the end of that quarter/semester, or payment period, the student will be eligible for federal aid for that quarter or payment period. Federal aid for any quarter that occurs with a period of unsatisfactory progress will be permanently forfeited.

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Updated July 2019

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