Due to the national focus on energy conservation, and ordinances imposed by the Village of Wheeling, the College strongly encourages car-pooling. Those students in proximity to each other, either through funeral home employment or private housing are asked to consider sharing the drive.

Students may park in the College lot as long as they use common courtesy and park only in designated parking spaces. Spaces reserved for CANA, visitors, and the disabled are not designated parking places for students, and the student’s vehicle may be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense. Additionally, anyone parking in the College lot improperly may also have his or her vehicle towed at their own expense. The College also reserves the right to take disciplinary action against anyone who improperly uses the parking facilities.

Those students arriving at the College after all spaces are occupied in the main lot are advised to park in the adjacent lot to the south of the building. Students are restricted from parking in the parking facilities of other businesses. The College requests the use of both courtesy and compliance of traffic laws when parking in the College parking lot, and the adjacent lot, to insure the safety of all pedestrians and drivers. Current vehicle registrations must also be on file in the administration office.

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Updated July 2019

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