Student Handbook Table of Contents

About Worsham

Mission, Core Values and Objectives
Transferability of Credits and Licensure

Code of Conduct

Academic Integrity Policy
Gambling, Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Policies
Recording Policies
Right to Appeal

Course and Degree Requirements

Application Process
Course Offerings and Program Completion
Transferring Between Modalities
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Grading Scale
Minimum Physical Requirements for Embalming Program
Minimum Physical Requirements for the Funeral Directing Program

Non-Discrimination Statement and Policies

Policy against Harassment and Age Discrimination
Religious, Racial, and Sexual/Gender Harassment and Age Discrimination Defined
Reporting Procedures

Finances and Financial Aid

Payment for Tuition, Fees, and Charges
Refunds and Withdrawals
Reinstatement of Financial Aid

Technology Policies

Campus Computer Lab Rules
Cell Phone Usage
Social Media Policies
Technical Assistance

Student Records and Privacy

Change of Address
FERPA Policy

Academic Advising

Student Services and Tutoring
Career Counseling and Job Placement

Student Disability Services and Policies

Health Services

Safety and Security

Changes to the Student Handbook Policies

On-Campus Student Policies

Academic and Graduation Requirements
Attendance Standard and Policy
Excused Absences
Dress Code
Examination Procedures and Policies
Use of Facilities

Online Student Policies

Online Code of Conduct
Success in Online Learning
Attendance and Participation in Online Courses
Course Delivery Method
Interaction with Students and Faculty
Clinical Requirements
Practicum Site Requirements
Residency Requirements for On-campus Visit
Technology Requirements

Working in Canvas

More Information

About Handbook

The Student Handbook is intended to serve as a general guide to prepare current and prospective students for learning at Worsham College of Mortuary Science. The guidelines that appear here provide you with basic programmatic information, including information about Worsham College and links to several policies students may need to access throughout their association with Worsham College. Information about specific courses should be obtained from your instructor or academic adviser. Please note, this Student Handbook is a living document and may be periodically updated in order to ensure the most current practices are in place. It is the responsibility of all students to be aware of the information contained within this handbook.