It is the intention of the college officials to provide the best possible environment conducive to a good education. Defacement of school property and deliberate damage to equipment will be reported to the administration. Students responsible for such actions will be required to pay the costs for repair or replacement, as determined by the College administration. Violators of these policies may also be subject to additional and immediate disciplinary action that could include immediate termination from the program, suspension, or any other disciplinary action as seen appropriate by the College administration. Immediate termination from the program may also require forfeiture of fees paid for that quarter, and additionally, the student will remain responsible to pay to the College any fees owed that were not yet paid (see College refund policy).

The administration asks the cooperation of the student body in keeping the building and grounds neat and clean. It is our wish to keep the carpeted areas of the building stain-free; therefore, bringing food or beverages, except bottled water, in the carpeted areas is prohibited. You may consume food and beverages in the student lounge or areas not carpeted.

The Village of Wheeling has declared all public buildings smoke-free; hence, students are not permitted to smoke in any area of the building. Further, effective March 1, 2007, smoking is prohibited within fifteen (15) feet of any entrance, window or ventilation air intake to a public place or place of employment. Therefore, we ask that students smoke outside on the side of the garage where we have provided benches and stand-alone receptacles for your cigarettes once they have been extinguished. Additionally, the chewing of smokeless tobacco is not permitted in the building. The use of electronic cigarettes is also prohibited in the building.

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Updated July 2019

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